Hidden Knowledge / Secrets Known to Everyone, Thanks to Us

Electing the
New Pope:

Electing a new Pope in a fictional universe, not quite the same as ours—


by Chelsea
Quinn Yarbro

What if the Pope weren't Catholic?

What if she never had been?


Secrets are the things you don't know you don't know.

An important secret may save your life. Someone tells you that secret. That secret is no secret any more.

It was Hidden Knowledge, but now it's part of the common knowledge.

We shed light on dark corners.

Just because you don't know something, that doesn't mean it's Secret. And it doesn't mean it's very important to anyone—including you.

What hurts you isn't what you don't know, but what you think you know but got wrong.

We'd like to make plain some secrets.

We publish books, and we run this website, and we provide information you can read and links you can follow. We guide you to suggested readings. We present photographs of interesting sites and artifacts. We have fun doing this.

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Alas, Poor Yorick by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The story before the story: what was going on in Denmark twenty years before the events of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Murder; betrayal; war; treachery; love; illicit affairs; and all the other traditional elements of historical political thrillers, told in the first person by Yorick himself. Don't miss it. Both CD-ROM and Download editions are ON SALE NOW!.

 Cover for Alas, Poor Yorick

Strange Seas by Suzy McKee Charnas—her most unusual book!

Non-fiction about whales, and channeling, and writing, and a unique insight into the thoughts of this award-winning author. An astonishing work, totally unlike anything she has ever published before. "A Strange and interesting book.... Charnas fans will find Strange Seas fascinating."—ANALOG.

“I am woven through your past, as you are through mine—and both of us through theirs, the sea-peoples’.” Hugo- and Nebula Award-winner Charnas has written a book about humans, her own past, and how our lives have always been intertwined with the creatures of the seas. “Strange Seas” is Charnas’ first nonfiction book, and her first e-book. An investigation into personal questions about herself and her writing grew to encompass not just her past, but the pasts of all of us. “I saw a lot of closed doors inside the house of myself, labeled ‘I don’t care,’ ‘I don’t know,’ and—the majority—‘I don’t remember.’ But one stood open, the one that Miriam’s words had unlatched and flung wide—‘I don’t believe.’ There was no denying what lay beyond. The whales had souls, and I had been a killer of whales.” Available only as an e-book. 100,000 words.

 Cover for Strange Seas

Magnificat by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The Catholic Church elects a woman Pope; and the world changes in astonishing ways. Science fiction, speculative fact, thriller, adventure, cultures, philosophy, history—all these in a vast exploration of humans and their relationships to each other— and to their God. Reading this novel will help you understand the current headlines about the Church.

 Cover for Magnificat



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